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Bespoke Workforce Management Solutions

ShopWorks is a bespoke cloud-based workforce management solution with wide ranging functionality for the Retail, Leisure, Hospitality, Service, and Healthcare sectors.


Whether it’s improvement in  Attendance and Retention, Compliance, Budgeting, Demand,  Absence Management, our solutions can save your business as much as 7% of your direct staffing costs…whilst improving the morale of your workforce.

The Flexible and Ethical Wage App

Offer free access to already earned wages in an unique and completely different way. 


As financial wellbeing is a high priority for companies of all sizes, we provide a sustainable way for them to deliver a financial wellbeing strategy, letting them decide when, how often, and how much their employees can access.

Your Business Problems Solved by Ai.

As well as offering a range of off the shelf products that use AI to solve Workforce related problems, we can build bespoke solutions to enhance your existing Worktech and HR analytics efforts.


Our AI products are designed to improve retention, forecast sales, and labour requirements, and automatically build the perfect schedule. All our Ai’s will work with your existing data warehouse or Worktech tool

Worktech tools that deliver measurable ROI and improve the lives of working people

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